We have been working with Go2Capital to get our loan and we should be hearing news in March. The people at the Small Business Association have been very helpful as well. If we get turned down for our loan they might be able to help us.

The place we had picked out in Ryan’s Industrial Park on 138 is still open.

We have decided to use Cloze as our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. We are testing an inventory management system too. The inventory management system tracks grains, hops, and yeast from when we order them until when we use them. And it can also track cans and bottles from the canning / bottling date until they are sold or given away. We will probably use Keg ID from SLG to track kegs. If we stay small all of this stuff is unnecessary. We are trying get systems in place now so that growth will be easier.

I have slowed down brewing because of the cold weather but I’ll be picking up the pace as the weather warms.